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*** Tea selection is currently only avalable for Michigan sales. We are hoping this is a temporary issue. ***

This natural herbal tea was formulated for deep coughs and ailments of the lungs. The soft taste makes it easy to get down while relaxing the body and lungs. Lively Lungs is made with Organic Elderberries, Elecampane Root, Organic Echinacea, Non-GMO Eucalyptus, Non-GMO Peppermint, Homegrown Lemon Balm, Kosher Licorice Root & Organic Marshmallow Root. 

Pour 1.5 cups of hot water 1 Tablespoons of tea. Cover vestle and steep 5-10 minutes, strain, and add local honey if desired. All herbs are Organic when possible as well as kosher and gluten free. Herbal Meadows Botanicals is a gluten free business given the owner has an intolerance. All teas are caffeine free.

Lively Lungs Tea

  • Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a return or exchange. All sales are final.  We encourage you to reach out to us before buying should you have any questions about a specific product. 

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